SH Figuarts Iron Man hip fix

Hey Marufans! Sorry that you haven’t heard from me in a while, but I have been BUSY! Many of you know about #ACBA or #ArticulatedComicBookArt. Well, I am currently an admin there as well as a participant in the 2014 ACBA World Championship Tournament (We really need to shorten that name…) I am currently building a set for the final round and it takes a ton of time and dedication to really get these things right. Anyways, I did carve out some time to do a few fixes and one in particular really struck me as special. A client messaged me and requested I fix his SH Figuarts Iron Man as the hip joint had broke off. He also mentioned to me that his better half had bought it for him before passing away. He said that he knew he could buy another one, but this figure in particular was the one that she had purchased for him and he wanted to keep it. I honestly couldn’t pass this up. So, here are a few pics of the fix. I drilled a hole into the hip peg and also into the disc in between the legs. I then laced a screw with superglue and inserted it into the peg first and next into the disc. The figure is very solid now with no chance of breaking unless it is thrown off of a building. He was very pleased to get his Iron Man back. I was pleased to fix it.


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