Invincible Custom
Invincible Custom

Hey MaruFans! Sorry that I’ve been MIA, but I have been busy (what else is new?) Repairs seem to never let up and I was working on a very special custom for an awesome client. I don’t do customs unless I really feel like I can do something special with them. This was one of those. My client tasked me with making the character “Invincible” as there isn’t an official action figure of him. He wanted him in scale with the Marvel Legends’ toy line as well. So, I go to researching the character and then on to making him. The recipe is fairly simple, but the work put into it took forever due to the heavy usage of yellow paint especially on the wrists!
My Invincible is made up of:
Cyclops from the TRU Boxset – Upper torso and ab crunch.
Bucky Cap- Shoulders, Biceps and pelvic region.
Hydra Agent- Forearms
Black Panther- Legs / Boots
Protector (New Design) and Half-Unmasked Spider-Man- Heads with sculpt
Hands- Heavily sanded New White Suit Iron Fist

I hope you guys enjoy him. That yellow you see is about 12 coats if not more! Have a great one!


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