Marvel Legends’ Ghost Ankle Fix

Hey MaruFans! This is a bit of a sad story. I think all of the Marvel Legends collectors will cringe at the first image here. Ghost with a broken ankle. Not only are the SDCC Exclusive sets hard to obtain… but they are expensive too. Couple those elements with the fact that Ghost is made of translucent plastic and you have a pretty scary fix on your hands. See, for those of you that do not know, when you apply stress to translucent plastic, it develops “stress marks” that are usually a solid white color. This can really kill the effect of a phasing character. Lucky for me, the ankle peg snapped inside the foot. I also thank Hasbro for stepping up their game with articulation technology. Honestly, I was nervous going into this one because I knew if I made a mistake, it would be very obvious and make me look like an amateur at my craft. So, I took my time and thought this one out. You can see the process in the photos below. I need to purchase more of these eye screws as they are absolutely perfect for what I do. The fact that you can drive them deeper than a regular screw due to the looped end in invaluable to me. If you have any questions, likes or comments, please sound off in the comments! Tell your friends!


  • fabbiano says:

    AWESOME !!! Thankx for fixing mine..this guy is awesome..he fix mine It wurks even better now

  • John says:

    How did you get the peg out of the shoe? And did you reuse the peg or is that just glue on the screw?

    • Billy says:

      To remove the peg simply heat it up with either hot water, a hair dryer or a heat gun. Next, gently pry it out with a pick. I use tiny “eye hooks” or “eye screws” to secure the peg back to the disc. You have to be extremely careful when drilling into the disc as not to hit the core peg or you will lose the articulation. I drill a hole through the broken peg and insert the eye hook through it laced with superglue. You can see this technique throughout my site. Hope this helps. I also have a YouTube page.

      • Nick says:

        Hey you mention the “lacing with superglue” technique, and I noticed that it quite a bit looks like the part of the joint that would fit into the foot. I’m actually dealing with a broken ankle right now, but I looked around the site but I couldn’t really find how you do it. You don’t just kind of glob it on, right? Would you be able to tell me how to do it? And would hot glue work, or would that not be durable enough. Thanks!

        • Billy says:

          You just add enough to coat it. Not too much. I only use super glue as it will keep the bond. Hot glue can be removed fairly easy and even lose the bond over time and wear.

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