Play Arts Kai Batman Shoulder Fix

Hey MaruFans! Today I bring you a short update on fixing a Play Arts Kai Batman shoulder peg. Basically you can see in the photos that it broke at a really awful spot. Well, I thought about this for a bit and I figured out a really solid way to fix this issue… and you can use minimal tools. Basically I drilled through the peg from the bottom and inserted a nail snuggly through the peg. I then cut the nail shorter and drilled two holes in the shoulder cavity to house the tow ends of the nail. I heated up the shoulder cavity and inserted the nail ends into the two holes. Done and done. Batman can now swing with his left and knock out crime once again. The photos below will walk you through the process.


  • yugo says:

    Hi, so interesting post, i got the same trouble with my Kratos from play arts kai collection, I understand easily what you have done here, but I got my doubt about the piece wich is inserted on the figure¨s torso, the one is handling one of the peg… i dont know if i explain myself, any help would be apreciated, thnks in advance

  • Shaun Taylor says:

    Thank God I found this post! Same problem here with my Kratos figure. He has a broken pin in the left arm, HEEEEELP!

  • Roel v. Garces says:

    Great post! I actually did this myself awhile ago. I did a sloppy version though, used the thick paper clip instead of nails- a little loose but it got the job done. Pics look like it came out very clean!

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