S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury Hip Repair
S.H. Figuarts Sailor Mercury Hip Repair

Hey Marufans! I’m scrambling to take the ENTIRE month of April off for a little R&R with my wife. But, until that time comes, I’m working hard to make sure your figures are ready for posing again! This time I bring you a fun little job. Imports are really the hardest part of my service. Their joints are small and once they break… that’s that. I have yet to find an adhesive that will securely attach to the pvc like plastic used in the joints. However, I will always find another means to repair a figure. This time I actually lucked out… sort of. Not too long ago I noticed ebay had big lots of Figma and Revoltech joints for sale at a decent price. I didn’t know what I’d be getting in the lots, but I took the gamble. I received a ton of different joints, but most are in funky colors like blue or even hot pink. However they brought to another level of experimentation. You can see in this post that my client’s Sailor Mercury broke at a very small hip joint. I opened her up and saw the issue immediately. You can see that the hips are two independent joints that move up and down attached in the center via a peg. Well, the peg was broke as well, so I got to work. I used a figma shoulder joint that I cut in half and then dremeled it like crazy to best replicate the peg that was not broken. Afterwards I drilled a shallow hole in the inside of the behind torso. I inserted a screw and attached the pegs. Ka-boom. Fixed. Have a great one and stay tuned for some more updates as jobs are still creeping in.


  • Abbey says:

    Hey, figure owner here!! That’s my Mercury, who I’m so excited to get back on her stand and pose next to Sailor Moon once again! I’m so grateful to you Bill, I was afraid I’d have to take an almost $50 bath to get another Mercury to replace this one, which was a birthday present, so I’m ecstatic that she was repairable! Wonderful work, Bill!

  • Elena says:

    Hey! Your page is great. I wanted to ask, what kind of glue (if any) did you use to put back her “underwear” so to speak? I’m kinda doing the same fix, but I don’t want to risk the glue melting in a couple of months and making things worse, or something like that. Thank you!

    • Billy says:

      I actually had to use superglue (loctite brand). For some reason it works very well for adhering to the plastic used on the undies, but simply will not hold tight on the actual joints due to a different plastic. She is also held together with a screw so be very careful.

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